New  Hope
 Sunday Services: 10:30 AM A Unitarian Universalist Congregation A Welcoming Congregation 
New Hope Unitarian Universalist congregation is a growing religious community serving the communities of Milford, South Lyon, Wixom and Novi areas.  Our multi-generational Sunday Services begin at 10:30 a.m.  All are welcome to attend regardless of faith, race, age or sexual orientation.  We hope you'll stay for coffee and conversation after the Services.  There is a play area for young children to enjoy whenever they like.
We are chartered by the Unitarian Universalist Association.
Please explore our website to learn more about New Hope, attend a Sunday Service, or e-mail us with your questions.


Unitarian Universalists are freethinkers: Unfettered pilgrims in search of governing truths.
We are mystics as well: Spiritually attuned to marvels of the universe and awake to omens of the divine.
We are also blessed with hands outstretched in praise, resistance and caring embrace.
Holding fast to our mission as freethinking mystics with hands,
Unitarian Universalism will transform individual lives while shaping the moral contours of the
world as it moves into the twenty-first century!

--Tom Owen-Towle